Healthcare staffing reimagined

Oak Healthcare Staffing brands are bringing visionary, care-centered talent solutions to the healthcare industry.

Elevating Care

Optimizing the employment experience for healthcare talent to improve patient care and outcomes

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Minimizing Gaps

Reducing the impact of workforce gaps with a range of innovative, effective talent solutions

Building Talent & Skills

Creating work and learning opportunities to keep healthcare pros in the field and growing professionally

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Elite365 is a healthcare staffing firm with a new vision for care. We’re elevating every aspect of healthcare staffing to give hardworking medical professionals brighter, better career destinations and provide hospital systems and healthcare facilities with the skilled specialists needed to cover urgent workforce gaps and optimize long-term coverage.

Our story

Oak Healthcare Staffing launched in 2022 to offer a visionary solution to the growing healthcare talent void. Seeing the hardships healthcare workers and hospital systems were facing, our leadership team was galvanized to reimagine the entire staffing system. 

From the tech, tools, and approaches used to engage flexible and contract nurses and healthcare professionals, to how people are treated on the employment journey, we want to improve it all.  And that’s what we are doing – elevating every aspect of healthcare staffing so that everyone, from patients to professionals to providers, benefits. 

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